Klay Thompson Was Hypnotized At Dodger Stadium

On Thursday evening, a Dodger Stadium magician did what few, if any, NBA players have been able to do throughout Klay Thompson's nine-year pro career - get inside his head. Magician Johnny Wu hypnotized Thompson, a willing participant, during an LA event, needing just under 20 seconds to get Thompson to comply with his requests for a Pinocchio-like performance in front of a crowd. Wu's hypnosis was so effective that it left Thompson in disbelief and insisting he needed to "check the video evidence." Fortunately for Klay, that video evidence is readily available thanks to Wu's Instagram. See for yourselves:

Once under hypnosis, Thompson was told to pretend there were strings attached to each of his wrists as if he were a puppet and could feel the strings tugging on his hands. Moments later, Wu, standing behind Thompson, mimicked pulling puppet strings, though he was careful not to actually touch the 6'6 Warriors star. With his eyes closed, Klay repeatedly raised both arms before being snapped back into reality.

Not surprisingly for an NBA player, Thompson was convinced that he was touched throughout the hypnosis. With support from the crowd, Wu insisted he didn't touch Thompson once. Without a referee to argue with, Klay then pined for video evidence. Despite being surrounded by big personalities like Draymond Green, Steph Curry and Steve Kerr in Golden State, Thompson, a four-time NBA champion, isn't shy about speaking his mind. At least until Thursday, when he played the roll of puppet.  

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