Kirk Cousins Reminds Us He's The Least Intimidating QB EVER Ahead of Playoff Game Against the Giants

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins appears to have no interest in intimidating the New York Giants ahead of Sunday's Wild-Card round against Big Blue.

While the Giants spent most of the week revving up their troops with their new Our Way motto, Captain Kirk is basking in the comfort of his home, kicking up his monogrammed slippers (with socks on) as he talks about retirement and everything other things NOT named the Giants ... which could prove to be disastrous for the 13-4 Vikings.

During a segment on Cousins by NFL Network's Kyle Brandt, the football guru shared that he's afraid Cousins may be too mild-mannered heading into the late-afternoon showdown after showing up to work all week in slippers — sporting the initials "K.C." on the top.

(Someone get this guy a copy of Art of War.)


If there's two things that Cousins is no stranger to, it's UGG-styled slippers and losing crucial games in the late-afternoon window, which he'll coincidentally face on Sunday.

Brandt shared that in Cousin's time in Minnesota, the starting QB has gone 5-9 with an average loss of 15 points.

In his time with the Washington Redskins, Cousins went 2-9 in the late window. Yikes.

All year long, the Vikings have appeared as nothing more than an empty calories team that pops in the win column but doesn't have much to show on the field. With a bottom-tier defense and an inconsistent Kirk at the helm of the offense, it's no wonder that analysts are opting for a Big Blue upset.

Someone tell Kirk to ditch the dad swag. Maybe he's doing early prep for the offseason.