Kim Mulkey's Gameday Outfit Gets Hilarious Reactions On Twitter

Kim Mulkey is an icon, and you'll never convince me otherwise.

Her LSU Tigers beat Utah Friday to advance to the Elite 8 in the Women's NCAA Tournament. But the real winner of the game was Mulkey's outfit.

This 60-year-old legend fearlessly mixed plaid, floral and hot pink feathers and flaunted them proudly as if to dare you to challenge her on it.

Just look at this 'fit.

No one should be surprised that Mulkey chose something extra flashy for the Sweet 16 showdown. She's already made headlines for her larger-than-life closet, which reportedly features 171 pairs of shoes, 35 championship rings and 29 glittery jackets.

But naturally, Twitter took notice of the bold ensemble. And the Internet did what the Internet does.

"The angriest flamingo," CBS Sports reporter Tom Fornelli wrote.

Joke's on you, though, Tom. She wasn't too angry when her team took down No. 2-seeded Utah.

Radio host Lance Medow suggested Mulkey might be channeling her inner "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Or maybe she's going more for the Ric Flair look?

"Kim Mulkey’s fashion is what would happen if you gave my mom an unlimited amount of money & access to every Ross in the country," Justin Carter wrote.

And Ross? Please, peasant. Mulkey makes about $2.5 million a year.

"Kim Mulkey looks like she shows up to Wine Wednesday three drinks in and falls in the pool," Dr. Matthew Morrison wrote.

Personally, though, I'm getting James Harden on Christmas Day vibes.

You know what they say about the haters: They are going to hate.

But Kim Mulkey is absolutely winning. She's trending on Twitter, and her basketball team is in the Elite 8.

The rest of you are just jealous.