Former WNBA Owner Slams Brutal Treatment Of Caitlin Clark

Former WNBA owner Kelly Loeffler is very disappointed in the treatment of Caitlin Clark in the league.

Clark has dominated the news since last weekend when Chicago Sky player Chennedy Carter dropped her with an insane cheap shot away from the ball.

The dirty play immediately went viral, and the situation only further escalated when Carter claimed she had "no regrets" about the disgusting play.

On top of that, the Indiana Fever rookie has repeatedly faced the media and people in the league making it all about race instead of just focusing on the fact she's a generational talent.

Kelly Loeffler slams treatment of Caitlin Clark.

The former Georgia Senator and Atlanta Dream owner took to X to make it clear she's not impressed by what she's seen happen to Clark.

"As a WNBA team owner for a decade, I never saw this level of hostility toward one player.  Caitlin Clark may be the best thing to happen to the league, ever. Ten games in, and her stats are better than half the veteran players. Viewership is up. They’re on chartered flights. Instead of being welcomed, she’s physically and verbally attacked. They want the attention - but they don’t want it for a player like Caitlin Clark," the former Georgia Senator tweeted Tuesday night in response to an OutKick story about Congressman Jim Banks sending a letter to the WNBA about what Clark is facing.

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Loeffler isn't incorrect with her assessment. There's nothing wrong with competition and getting after it in intense fashion. However, that's not what's happened with Clark. She's been the victim of physical and verbal targeting.

Clark lit her up and the dialogue around the former Iowa star is nothing short of gross. Let's not forget what A'ja Wilson said when talking about Clark's appeal as a white woman:

"I think it’s a huge thing. I think a lot of people may say it’s not about black and white, but to me, it is. It really is because you can be top notch at what you are as a black woman, but yet maybe that’s something that people don’t want to see. They don’t see it as marketable, so it doesn’t matter how hard I work. It doesn’t matter what we all do as black women, we’re still going to be swept underneath the rug. That’s why it boils my blood when people say it’s not about race because it is."

The WNBA is receiving an unprecedented amount of attention, and instead of capitalizing on it, many players seem more interested in tearing her down.

Angel Reese had the stones to look the media in the face and declare she was a big part of the reason why people are watching.

To quote the great Lane Kiffin, "What f*cking world do you live in?"

Instead of trying to tear down Clark, players in the WNBA should be thanking her for making the league relevant for the first time ever. Of course, there's no proof that's going to happen. The chaos will likely remain for the foreseeable future. Let me know your thoughts at

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