Kansas Pulls Off Awesome Feat As Hype Builds Around The Team

Hype for the Kansas Jayhawks is skyrocketing off the charts in Lawrence.

The #19 Jayhawks play #17 TCU this weekend at home for a chance to improve to 6-0, and it's the third straight sellout for Kansas.

The previous home games against Duke and Iowa State were both also sold out games.

It's been incredible watching the traditional cellar dweller go on a tear and fans of the program have responded in a huge way. Lawrence is buzzing with excitement as the Jayhawks have a chance to improve to 6-0 halfway through the season.

Kansas is already experiencing the program's best season since 2009, and at this point, every new win is just the frosting on top.

Lance Leipold took over one of the worst programs in America when he left Buffalo. By year two, he turned it into a winner.

Kansas is ranked for the first time since Barack Obama was President, Leipold has the program firing on all cylinders and it looks like there is a very real chance his team will leave week 6 still undefeated.

College football often has awesome storylines, and an undefeated Kansas is right at the top in 2022.

You can catch the Kansas/TCU matchup at noon EST on FS1. If the Jayhawks beat the Horned Frogs and improve to 6-0, hype will truly explode off the charts.