Kansas Coach Lance Leipold Scores Massive Extension

Kansas football coach Lance Leipold isn't going anywhere.

Leipold has agreed to an extension through the 2029 season after leading Kansas to the program's best season in more than a decade, according to Pete Thamel.

Financial terms weren't released, but you can bet the house he earned a significant raise over his current $2.8 million salary.

This is a great move for Lance Leipold and Kansas.

If you're a Kansas football fan, you have to be very happy with Leipold scoring an extension with the Jayhawks.

He was reportedly a top target for Nebraska and his name was going to be near the top of the coaching carousel.

When you win everywhere you go, you're going to generate some major attention. Kansas is a notoriously difficult job. It's one of the worst jobs in the P5, and the team hasn't had a competitive season since 2009.

Well, the team is currently 6-5, and going bowling. By Kansas standards, that's nothing short of incredibly impressive.

Now, Kansas has locked up Lance Leipold for several years to come. It's a sign the Jayhawks are absolutely committed to having a competitive football program and not just being a basketball school.

Pop some bottles of champagne and celebrate, Kansas. Your man isn't going anywhere.

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