Johnny Gaudreau Takes Shot From — Of All People — Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé — the crooner whose CD your mom probably has in her car right now — knew how to play to the crowd during a recent stop in Calgary. He took a shot at former Calgary Flames star Johnny Gaudreau.

If you weren't aware, Gaudreau hit the free-agent market this offseason after telling the Flames it was over. He ended up signing a 7-year deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Flames fans — as you may have guessed — were not happy about this.

Cue Michael Bublé -- who I like to think would go by the name Mikey Bubbles if he was in the mafia -- appropriately decking out in a Flames sweater.

Oof. That's rough coming from anyone, but when it comes from the guy whose albums you walk past at Starbucks, that has to sting.

Whether or not Gaudreau made a good call in leaving Calgary will be an interesting storyline this season.

The Flames appeared to be trending in the right direction. However, their two leading scorers from last season — Gaudreau and forward Matthew Tkachuk — have moved on.

Gaudreau was known to want to play in the eastern United States closer to his family. However, his exit was closely followed by Tkachuk's departure via a trade to the Florida Panthers.

The Flames got 2021-22 NHL assist leader Jonathan Huberdeau in return for Tkachuk and managed to ink Stanley Cup champ Nazem Kadri a 7-year, $49 million deal.

But will that be enough for them to win a Cup sans Johnny Hockey? I don't think that it will.

But Michael Bublé thinks so... unless he says something similar in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, which he probably will.

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