Joey Bosa Doesn't Hold Back On NFL Refs: 'I'm Sick Of Those [Expletive] People'

Joey Bosa is big mad.

Just one day after the Los Angeles Chargers epically collapsed to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bosa is sounding off about the officiating crew. And he's not holding anything back.

"I'm sick of those f***ing people," he said

The Jaguars comeback was largely aided by on unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by the Chargers linebacker late in the game.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw a touchdown pass with five minutes and 30 seconds left in regulation. This cut the deficit to four. During the play, though, Jacksonville right tackle Jawaan Taylor appeared to get into his pass protection before the ball was snapped. But the refs didn't throw the flag.

Angry about the no-call, Bosa slammed his helmet to the ground. When an assistant rebounded for him and gave the helmet back, Bosa slammed it again.

The officials didn't miss that one. An unsportsmanlike penalty on Bosa moved the ball to the 1.5-yard line. The Jags converted and went on to win the game.

"I need to be more accountable for my actions, Bosa said. "But it's a heated game and I'm hurting out there. I'm playing on half a leg. I'm getting dragged to the ground."

Joey Bosa said the refs need to be accountable, too.

"If I say something to them, I get a $40,000 fine," he said. "But if they blow a call that ruins an entire team's season, they'll probably be back in the locker room after the game like, 'Haha, got that a**hole. Oh yeah, got him 15 yards. What a loser.'"

He didn't stop there, though. The four-time Pro Bowler said the officials are on a "power trip."

"How is it fair, for me, who is out there playing my butt off and there's a missed call and I say something, and he's going to run up into my face?" Bosa said. "What grown man in a position that he's in, 'Oh, what did you say to me? What did you say to me?' Like he's antagonizing me."

Refs miss calls sometimes. It frustrating for players, coaches and fans. But absolutely teeing off on the officials to the media probably wasn't the best way to handle this.

It's also important to note that it wasn't the refs who blew a 27-point lead to the Jaguars.

"I'm sure I have some fines coming my way," Bosa said.

Yeah, I'm sure you do.

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