JJ Redick Calls Out Kendrick Perkins' Irresponsible Race-Baiting Behavior

JJ Redick finds Kendrick Perkins' views on NBA voters being racist absolutely disgusting.

Perkins has of late, attempted to claim NBA MVP voters must be racist because only three players outside the top 10 of season scoring leaders have ever won the MVP since the 1990s: Steve Nash, Nikola Jokic, and Dirk Nowitzki.

Apparently, that's a sign MVP voters must be racist, and if Nikola Jokic wins again, it's because he's a white dude and nothing more.

Well, Perkins appeared on "First Take" Tuesday morning, and attempted to double down. While the full video isn't online, it's clear tempers flared as Redick did the correct thing:

Called out Perkins for his insane race-baiting behavior.

JJ Redick calls out Kendrick Perkins for his insane comments.

"What we've just witnessed is the problem with this show where we create narratives that do not exist in reality. The implication, what you are implying, that the white voters are that vote on NBA are racist. That they favor white people. You just said that. Yes, you did! Yes, you did ... That's exactly what you implied, Kendrick Perkins," Redick unloaded on Perkins as the former Celtics center attempted to deny he did anything wrong.

Then, like an immature child, Perkins shouted, "I stated the facts! I stated the facts, and you not about to sit up here like I'm … It's the facts!"

You can watch the incredibly intense and heated exchange below. Perkins later calmed down and said he appreciated Redick, but still claimed the conversation had to be had. Video of that is not currently online.

Perkins later claimed after the explosive moment he's been called a "coon" and a "racist," but claimed to be "neither. The retired NBA player added, "I call out facts and not afraid to address the elephant in the room."

Props to Redick.

JJ Redick 100% did the right thing here. If we're going to call out ESPN and the personalities on the network for all the insane things they do, we're also going to be fair when a guy does the right thing.

When confronted with insanely racist views and allegations of racist behavior, you have a duty as a rational adult to push back.

Does anyone really believe NBA voters are racist? Of course not. Yet, Perkins has said it multiple times, and Redick has had enough. Perkins clearly has no proof other than just shouting and spouting off. JJ Redick heard enough and pushed back in a big way.

Do not let race-baiting behavior go unchecked. You have to push back and that's exactly what Redick did on live TV.

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