Jim Leonhard's Exit Agreement With Wisconsin Contains Unusual Language

Jim Leonhard might not be in a rush to take a new coaching job.

The former Wisconsin DC and interim head coach left the program following the bowl game after the Badgers hired Luke Fickell to take over as head coach.

His exit agreement with the program was made public Tuesday, and it's pretty interesting.

Jim Leonhard will earn $1 million to not coach.

Leonhard's exit agreement with the school requires Wisconsin to pay him $1 million from March 2023 through January 2024, according to BadgerExtra.com. He's also owed personal leave and vacation time. He had been earning $1.5 million as the team's DC. The agreement also contains offset language, and that's where things get interesting.

Generally speaking, offset clauses require a coach to actively seek employment in order to continue getting buyout money. However, that's not the case with Jim Leonhard.

The former Wisconsin DC's offset language leaves it to his "judgment regarding what is in the best interest of his family," according to the same report. That means, in theory, Leonhard has no requirement at all to pursue any job while he collects his exit agreement checks.

Will Leonhard coach again?

Seeing as how he can collect a quick $1 million to do nothing, Leonhard could wait a little bit for the perfect job to open up.

However, he's also going to be very sought after. His name has been floated as a possible option down in Tuscaloosa on Nick Saban's staff.

Leonhard was already a star at Wisconsin, and if he crushes it with the Crimson Tide, the opportunities would be endless. Ultimately, it's not a secret Leonhard wants to be a head coach.

That's likely not going to happen right now. That means a great DC opening in the NFL or at the college level will likely be his next step.

There's no question Wisconsin fans want to see him coaching again. It didn't work out in Madison, but there's no doubt Jim Leonhard is a hell of a football coach.