Jim Leonhard Has Awesome Locker Room Celebration After Wisconsin Smashes Purdue

Jim Leonhard was feeling himself after Wisconsin destroyed Purdue.

The Badgers ran the Boilermakers off the field Saturday 35-24, and the interim head coach of the team didn't hesitate to dance with his players in the locker room.

Check out the fun moment in the video below.

As a Wisconsin fan, it's awesome to see so much energy and passion being injected into the program since Paul Chryst was fired and Jim Leonhard took over.

We all like Chryst and can admit he was a good coach and man. It's nothing against him. I just think we can all admit there's way more energy now than there was at the beginning of the season.

Chryst never would have celebrated like this. Jim Leonhard didn't even hesitate to cut it up with his guys. The funniest part is Leonhard is so small compared to the players it's honestly hard to see him at times in the video.

It's still not clear where the Badgers go from here with four games left (OutKick's Dan Zaksheske isn't impressed), but what is clear is that Wisconsin is, once again, fun to watch.

Hell, we look like a different team on offense.

With four games left, everyone is having fun and Jim Leonhard has embraced his new role. It's awesome to see. Now, we just need to finish strong with four games remaining.