Jim Harbaugh Shares Wise Advice After Tunnel Attack

Jim Harbaugh doesn't want to see Michigan get a victim mentality after the events against Michigan State.

A total of eight MSU players have been suspended after a pair of Michigan players - Ja'Den McBurrows and Gemon Green - were brutally attacked in the tunnel following a win over the Spartans.

The video footage is nothing short of incredibly disturbing, and police are investigating the situation.

While some might choose to paint themselves as a victim after the terrible events, the man responsible for leading the Wolverines has no time for that mindset. In fact, he told the team he had an "epiphany" and it "was to focus on Rutgers and not feel like a victim of the situation that happened and become a victor out of this," Olu Oluwatimi explained to Angelique Chengelis.

Jim Harbaugh has the proper outlook for Michigan.

This is some great advice from Harbaugh, and he's 100% correct. There's a lot of football left to be played.

The Wolverines won't do themselves any favors if they allow the brutal attack to be the sole focus of the season.

Harbaugh simply can't allow that to happen. There's a game against Rutgers in a few days, and Ohio State looms at the end of the month.

That doesn't mean players can't be pissed and upset. They most certainly can be. The police and Big Ten are also both investigating. The situation is being handled.

Now, Jim Harbaugh needs to get Michigan focused on the final four games of the year.

The Wolverines can use the horrific actions of Michigan State players as a motivator going forward, and hopefully finish strong. That's much better than dwelling on it and not focusing on all the awesome stuff ahead.