Jim Harbaugh Interviewing With NFL Team 'This Week'

Jim Harbaugh is reportedly going to interview with the Denver Broncos in the very near future.

Despite multiple claims about anticipating no departure from the Michigan Wolverines, Harbaugh will interview with the Broncos "early this week," according to Tom Pelissero.

Denver has been looking for a new coach ever since firing Nathaniel Hackett.

CBS Sports reported Sunday Harbaugh spoke with the Panthers, "but it was never characterized as a job interview for the permanent head coaching job in Carolina." The report also claimed Harbaugh's side was the who initiated contact.

What will Jim Harbaugh do?

Michigan and Harbaugh were recently slapped with alleged NCAA violations. It's believed Harbaugh might have misled investigators about paying for a couple burgers for some recruits.

It's possible Harbaugh doesn't want to deal with the headache that is the NCAA and might decide to go to the NFL.

As we've noted before here at OutKick, one of his statements hedged in a major way about his commitment to Michigan.

While he said he was staying, the head coach of the Wolverines also noted you just don't know what the future holds. That sounded like a great way to weasel out of it at some point down the road.

Now, Jim Harbaugh will reportedly interview with the Broncos.

Michigan has been rolling for two straight years now, and Harbaugh's brand has never been hotter. If there's an exit to the NFL on the horizon, it's right now. Judging from the fact he's interviewing, it would seem to indicate he's at least considering leaving Ann Arbor. That's a hell of a pivot from where the narrative was just 48 hours ago.

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