Jim Harbaugh Defines What Makes A Player A DAWG

Jim Harbaugh has a clear definition of what a DAWG is.

While most of us hear that word and think about dogs in the sense of a man's best friend with four legs and fur, the term has become popular in sports, and it has a very different meaning. Usually, if someone is a dog, it means they're a guy who really gets after it.

Well, Harbaugh has his own spin on it, and he told Brad Galli that a DAWG is a Disciplined Athlete With Grit.

Harbaugh continues to be an absolute content king, and he's really hitting his stride at the best time. Other than his lame take about not needing hatred in a rivalry, the man doesn't miss.

Most coaches take themselves way too seriously. They behave like they're generals at the height of WWII. Very few coaches are willing to just cut it loose.

Harbaugh has never had that problem and with the biggest game of the season this weekend, Harbaugh is out here defining what a DAWG is.

It's simply a Disciplined Athlete With Grit. No need to make it complicated. Are you a gritty athlete who is also disciplined?

Well, congratulations. You're a DAWG in the eyes of Michigan's coach.

Props to Harbaugh for never letting the fans down. While this was fun, the real show starts Saturday at noon on Fox. How many DAWGs will Harbaugh see on the field? We all know the answer is a lot of them, and he wouldn't wish it to be any other way.