Jessica Springsteen — Yes, Bruce's Daughter — Made The US Olympic Team

Jessica Springsteen — daughter of rock star Bruce and singer-songwriter Patti Scialfa — is in line to make her Olympic debut after being named in the U.S. equestrian jumping team for Tokyo.

Springsteen has been selected in a team of four riders alongside Kent Farrington, Laura Kraut and McLain Ward, CNN reports.

Springsteen, who ranked No. 27 in the world, will ride the 12-year-old Belgian Warmblood stallion Don Juan van de Donkhoeve in Tokyo.

"I think the chemistry between you and your horse can vary from ride to ride," 29-year-old Springsteen told CNN in 2019.

"Some horses, you get on immediately and you click right away," she said. "And others, it can take a little bit longer and be a bit of a struggle. But I think you have to be patient, and it has to be a mutual give and take between the horse."

The jumping team qualifying event and final at the Tokyo Olympics take place on Aug. 6 and Aug. 7.

"I think the key to getting the best out of your horse is just managing their schedule, making a good program in advance," she said. "You can pick shows that you think they'll peak at."