Jeff Saturday Regrets Holding Onto Timeout After Defending Choice

The Colts fumbled away their momentum on a potential game-scoring drive against the Steelers on Monday night after Indy coach Jeff Saturday refused to call a timeout, despite having all three in the bank with less than a minute left in the contest.

Audiences yelled at their screens as Saturday let the clock die down, ahead of a crucial third-down play.


After the game, Saturday defended his rookie coaching mistake. He claimed that the lack of a timeout felt in the "essence" of the game's flow.

On Tuesday, now that he's had a chance to rewatch the game tape, Saturday's reeling back the excuses, admitting that he actually should've called for time on the Colts' do-or-die drive.


"I wish I had that third down back and, in all honesty, wish I'd used the timeout," Saturday told the Colts media.

Rather than having his own Zach Wilson-postgame moment, Saturday opted to take accountability.

He added, "Just looking at it on film ... from a time perspective, I felt good. But you could tell we were in disarray. I just didn't have a great feel."

Colts Play Sloppy, With or Without Saturday

The game didn't ultimately come down to Saturday's flop with less than a minute left as Indianapolis struggled all night to retain a lead once the tide shifted their way.

Matt Ryan and the Colts offense had some errant plays that were also worthy of blame, including a goal-line fumble by star running back Jonathan Taylor.

By mitigating their mistakes, Pittsburgh managed to walk away with the victory.

Colts fans can expect this to be Saturday's defining moment, should Jim Irsay and the front office not opt to bring him back next season as their HC.

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