Jalen Hurts Shares Powerful Message With A Kid After Super Bowl Loss

Jalen Hurts shared an awesome message after falling to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Hurts and the Eagles dropped SB LVII 38-35, and the young NFL QB had an incredibly costly fumble in the second quarter.

Despite losing on the biggest stage in the world, Hurts managed to have a great outlook and perspective on the situation.

Jalen Hurts shared an awesome message about resiliency after the loss.

Instead of being an incredibly sore loser (looking at you Cam Newton), Hurts handled the loss in incredibly classy fashion. That included speaking with a young kid reporter.

"I would say I'm so proud of this team for everything we've been able to overcome. Obviously, we had a big time goal we wanted to accomplish and we came up short. I think the beautiful part about it is everyone experiences different pains, experiences different agonies of life. But, you decide if you want to learn from it. You decide if you want it to be a teachable moment and I know what I want to do," the Eagles QB said when asked by a kid what "one lesson" he had to take away from the loss.

You can watch his full comments below. It was a very awesome moment to watch unfold.

Hurts is a class act.

Even though the Eagles lost, it might be impossible to cheer against Jalen Hurts. The man is just a classy and incredibly mature man.

He's only 24 but a hell of a lot wiser than most people much wiser. Instead of blowing off the kid reporter, Hurts sat with his head held high and answered him.

Is losing awful? Without a doubt. It's terrible. That's even truer when you do it in front of the entire country, but as Hurts said, it's ultimately up to you how you choose to handle it.

Is it a teachable moment or is it something you're going to sit around and pout about? You gain nothing from the latter option. You can learn a lot from the former.

That's a message all young people in America should learn, and it's great to see Jalen Hurts share it.

This is definitely far from the end of Hurts' time on the NFL's biggest stage. He's a hell of a QB and a great dude by all accounts. Hopefully, people listen to his words and take something away from the message.

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