Jackson State Football Will Be BUMPING After Deion Sanders' Son Shedeur Hooks Up Entire Team With $33,000 NIL Gift

Jackson State football has never been more relevant. Ever since Deion Sanders took over the program in 2020, the Tigers have not only been successful on the field, but also on the recruiting trail.

He led his team to a winning record during his COVID-shortened first year and won 11 games in year two. In addition, Jackson State has landed the two highest-ranked recruiting classes of all-time, including No. 1 overall prospect Travis Hunter.

Although Coach Prime has a lot to do with the Tigers' rise, so does his son Shedeur, who was a four-star quarterback recruit in the Class of 2021. The two made history by winning FCS Coach of the Year and FCS Freshman Player of the Year last fall.

As the face of the most-notable HBCU program at the moment, and because of his last name, Shedeur has significant value in the NIL space. On3 Sports estimates that he is worth about $840,000 and he has signed deals with Gatorade, BRADY and Beats by Dre, among others.

Terms of his deals are undisclosed, but considering the weight of the brand names, they are likely lucrative. Shedeur gifted his brother a $100,000 watch earlier this year, if that says anything.

Of his multiple deals, the first was with Beats by Dre.

Shedeur Sanders Swags Out Jackson State

Prior to Jackson State's road trip to Memphis for a game against Tennessee State, Shedeur spread the love. The Tigers will be bumping on their way up north while wearing their brand-new headphones.

Shedeur made an announcement to the team earlier this week that they will each get a pair and the guys went absolutely bonkers. He got lots of love for the move.

Although Apple, who owns Beats, likely comped the gift as part of their deal with the quarterback, it carries significant value. The headphones appear to be the Beats Studio3 wireless over-ear model.

One set of Beats Studio3s cost $349.95. Assuming that there are 96 players on Jackson State, that comes out to a total value of $33,595.20 for the entire team.

Imagine being anti-NIL?!