Ja Morant Flashes Gun While Partying, Surrounded By Women

Ja Morant reportedly shared a troubling video Saturday morning.

Multiple videos circulating social media appear to show the Memphis Grizzlies superstar partying with women and flashing a small pistol while streaming an Instagram live.

As of this moment, the stream is no longer up but clips of the scene and photos are circulating online. You can see one captured by DJ Akademiks in the following tweet.

Below is a screenshot of the exact moment he flashed a gun. To be clear, it's not known whether or not he's in his house or at a different venue. It's also not known if it was an old video that he decided to just now stream.

Either way, flashing a weapon while surrounded by other people is not what smart people do.

Ja Morant continues to make terrible decisions.

Morant is one of the best players in the NBA, but just can't seem to stay out of his own way. He's been accused of being in a vehicle with people who flashed a weapon at the Indiana Pacers, it was also recently revealed the NBA player allegedly punched a teenager and flashed a weapon to him too, he did a gun celebration Friday night against the Rockets and he now has a video out that appears to show him flashing a weapon while partying.

Are we noticing a trend? Morant is 23 and seems unable to make smart decisions. As OutKick's Mark Harris wrote, he needs to drop this act.

He's not tough, and this is just stupid. I'm all for the Second Amendment and the right to carry and own weapons. You know what gun owners aren't for? Acting like an idiot, and that's exactly what flashing a gun on IG Live while partying is doing. If you're in your own home, it's definitely not illegal, but that hardly makes it smart.

If you're out in public at a business, flashing a gun is a great way to end up in handcuffs.

It's hard to imagine that someone within the NBA's offices or the Memphis Grizzlies won't be stepping in and sending a message. At what point is this too much? At what point does Ja Morant finally cross the line? If this isn't it, there might not be a line at all.

This is a developing situation, I have calls and emails out to the Grizzlies and his agent. OutKick will update everyone when we have more info.

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