It Took LeBron James All Of One Game To Call Out His Teammates, Lakers' Roster

It took exactly one game into the new NBA season for noteworthy drama to pop up within the Lakers' organization. LeBron James wasted zero time in calling out his teammates and the makeup of his team's roster after the Lakers' blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors on opening night.

The Lakers managed to shoot just 43% from the field in their 14-point loss to the Warriors on Tuesday night. For comparison, Los Angeles shot 47% from the field last season. The real stat of the game, however, was the Lakers going 10-for-40 from three-point range.

There are still 81 regular season games left on the slate for this Lakers team to improve on their shooting, but all signs point to this team being abysmal from three-point land just as they were a year ago. Los Angeles ranked 22nd in the NBA in three-point percentage during last year's regular season.


You, me, and everyone else recognize that this Lakers team has a shooting problem, and LeBron sure as hell recognizes it too.

After his team's ice-cold shooting performance, James got honest and called out his teammates and the Lakers front office for the poorly constructed roster.

“We’re getting great looks, but it could also be teams giving us great looks," James told the media. To be completely honest, we’re not a team constructed of great shooting. It’s not like we’re sitting here with a lot of lasers on our team.”

While it creates drama, James certainly isn't wrong, and if someone is going to get a message through to this team, he's the man that's going to accomplish it.

Sending a message and seeing that message come to fruition, however, are two different things.

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