Iowa Will Wear Special Helmets For Veterans Day

The Iowa Hawkeyes will wear special helmets Saturday.

Iowa plays the Wisconsin Badgers in Iowa City this Saturday, and the game takes place one day after Veterans Day, which is Friday.

The Hawkeyes will rock helmets featuring the American flag in the logo section and "USA" in red white and blue at the top of the facemask.

You can take a look at the helmets below.

While the Iowa Hawkeyes are obviously inferior to the Wisconsin Badgers, you'll never hear me knock a program for honoring the military.

As the host of "American Joyride," I have a deep appreciation for the military and all the men and women who have served this awesome country.

We have the toughest military on the planet, and it's not close. When we decide to cut it loose, our men and women always take care of business.

Right now, it seems like hating and trashing America is kind of a popular thing to do. It certainly seems like we've lost a lot of pride for the USA.

That's why Iowa wearing special helmets honoring the military is so cool. It's a very public reminder that there are people who still love this country. Not only do we love this country, but we're thankful for everyone who wore the uniform. With Veterans Day being Friday, it's a perfect time to remember the sacrifices so many people have made.

Props to Iowa for showing pride in America and our armed forces this weekend against Wisconsin. You simply love to see it.