Hurricanes Turn Back The Clock, Sharks Go Full-Teal With New Jerseys

A pair of NHL teams — the Carolina Hurricanes and San Jose Sharks — each unveiled new jerseys this week.

Well, at least the Sharks have a new sweater. The Hurricanes' "new" duds probably looks familiar, so we'll start with that one.

The Hurricanes unveiled their new third jersey which is actually their old home jersey... if that makes sense.

The Canes are celebrating 25 years in North Carolina. So, they decided to bring back an old favorite.

That's the jersey the Hurricanes first wore after the Whalers closed shop and migrated down the coast from to Carolina in 1997.

It's even complete with the first version of the team's hurricane flag secondary logo which is famously factually inaccurate.

*Pushes up glass, inhales with an asthmatic wheeze°

Earlier this year, the Hurricanes announced that their previous third jersey — a black one with the hurricane warning flags error corrected — will be the team's home sweater this season.

While the Hurricanes were digging into their past, on the Left Coast, the San Jose Sharks were looking forward... with some nods to the past.

San Jose Sharks Will Use All Of The Teal

Teal was a popular color for teams all across sports in the 1990s. The San Jose Sharks are one of the few that still uses it.

Not only do the Sharks use it as their primary color, it's close to becoming their entire identity.

The Sharks unveiled their redesign threads at an even for season ticket holders on Wednesday.

How much more teal could the Sharks' home uniforms be?

The answer is none... none... more teal.

It's a solid looking set, and the first significant overhaul to the team's home and away sweaters since 2013.

Gotta give a special shoutout to the teal buckets. That looks great, and I kind of want to buy one to wear to a beer league game so I can instantly become the most hated guy there.

The Sharks also have a redesigned version of the shoulder patch that debuted in the '90s, and in between the sleeves is a pretty cool wave pattern.

While the Hurricanes will probably be fighting for the top spot in their division, the Sharks probably will not. But hey, they'll look pretty good while maybe fighting for the second wild-card spot in the Western Conference.

That's gotta count for something.

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