Hunter Dickinson Claims It 'Took A Lot Of Courage' To Cut And Run For A Better NIL Deal At Kansas

Hunter Dickinson apparently thinks it takes courage to chase money.

Dickinson, one of the most polarizing players in college basketball, left Michigan for Kansas, and the speculation has been he might have gotten the bag to leave the Wolverines for the Jayhawks.

He's now opened up about the situation, and it sounds like money definitely played a huge role. However, his framing of the decision is a bit strange.

Hunter Dickinson talks transferring to Kansas.

"I still do love Michigan. I still love the school and everything. I love the program. That's why it was so hard to leave because I really didn't want to leave, I didn't. But I just felt like, man, it was the best decision for me. It took a lot of courage. I don't think people realize how much courage it took for a guy who was there for three years, an All-American for the team. I did have a legacy there and I basically gave that up to try to be selfish and do what's best for me and my career, not what's best for anybody else's career.," Dickinson said on the "Roundball" podcast, according to ESPN.

He also claimed he made "less than six figures" for his final year at Michigan.

Does it take courage to chase money?

It's hard to believe this is a real quote, but here we are. For the record, cutting and running and showing zero loyalty to a program doesn't take courage at all.

I'm not endorsing or fighting against the idea players should leave for more cash. It's simply our new reality, but let's not sugarcoat anything.

Chasing the bag doesn't require courage. It really doesn't require anything more than the urge to stockpile cash. Hunter Dickinson is free to do what he wants, but let's just be honest about it. He wanted to leave Michigan and make more money. It is what it is. Don't frame yourself as some kind of hero. He's not. Dickinson wants to pad his bank account and there's nothing wrong with that.

Hunter Dickinson has a history of saying stupid things.

This is certainly not the first dumb thing Hunter Dickinson has ever said. Not even close. The two most famous examples of his immature behavior are when he referred to Wisconsin as a team of "scumbags" and then wore a ski mask to the Kohl Center to steal a win.

Spoiler alert: Michigan lost.

So, he calls people scumbags, behaves like a child prior to a major game and now claims it requires "courage" to get paid.

Are we seeing a trend?

Congratulations to Hunter Dickinson on getting paid. May the rese of us dig deep and find the same courage in ourselves. So brave, so bold.