Hugh Freeze Has A Passion For Ankles, According To Brittany Wagner From ‘Last Chance U’

Hugh Freeze needs to see one thing and one thing only to know if a recruit is going to develop into a solid college football player: his ankles. Brittany Wagner of 'Last Chance U' fame says she's seen his infatuation with players' ankles live and in person.

Wagner recently joined Ryan Brown on 'The Next Round' and shared the very interesting note about the new Auburn head coach.

“The first thing he does when he meets a player is he asks them to see their ankles. He wanted, when he was recruiting our players, he wanted to see their ankles. I saw it live and in person multiple times," Wagner explained.

"He says that this has never failed him. You can tell how athletic a player is by how skinny their ankles are…If a player has skinny ankles, they’re super athletic.”

Wagner was an academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College, a school Freeze recruited a number of players from during his time at Ole Miss, so when she says she's seen the coach's ankle bit, she means it.

Hugh Freeze And His Love For Skinny Ankles

This should be a public service announcement for any high school football players that are interested in playing for Auburn. If you've got skinny ankles, try to get in front of Freeze, he may just offer you a scholarship right on the spot.

Freeze had incredible success in recruiting during his time in Oxford and was able to knock off Alabama back-to-back seasons.

Maybe that's Nick Saban's kryptonite, coaching against players with skinny ankles.

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