Hugh Freeze Apologizes For Sending Unsolicited Messages To Sexual Assault Survivor

Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze owned up to sending unsolicited messages to a sexual assault survivor.

The Tigers recently hired Freeze as the program's new football coach, and there's been plenty of questions about the baggage he carries with him.

Right near the top of the list is the fact he sent unsolicited messages to a former Liberty student - Chelsea Andrews - involved in a sexual assault lawsuit against the school. Liberty was accused of mishandling allegations of sexual assault. Andrews was identified in the lawsuit as "Jane Doe #7."

Hugh Freeze sent multiple messages to Chelsea Andrews.

Following Andrews going public with her claims against Liberty and the school's handling of sexual assault claims, Freeze sent her multiple messages, including one defending AD Ian McCaw as a "Jesus like leader." McCaw came to Liberty from Baylor after the Bears had their own sexual assault scandal that rocked the athletic department.

Now, Freeze has acknowledged it wasn't right for him to send unsolicited messages to Andrews.

"I learned from this situation that I should totally understand other people's circumstances first before communicating or commenting on someone's situation. It was an inadvertent misstep with no ill intent, and I am sorry," Freeze told ESPN when asked about the messages.

Andrews also wasn't silent when it came to Auburn hiring. She resurfaced the messages and contacted Tigers officials "that she was "concerned for the alumni community at Auburn, the current students who will engage with the football program, and the ethos of Auburn if this consideration is true."

Freeze, an adult man, should have thought better of sending unsolicited messages to a woman speaking out about sexual assault.

It's decisions like this one that have many concerned about how he will do at Auburn. Remember, he had to leave Ole Miss following a scandal involving escorts. The unwanted interactions with Chelsea Andrews are just another issue for him.

Now, it's on Freeze to prove he's matured and is capable of making smarter decisions. Time will tell whether or not that's the case.