Houston Astros Manager Dusty Baker Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Houston Astros will be without manager Dusty Baker after it was announced on Friday that he'd tested positive for COVID.

Last year, Baker revealed that he'd been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, although that shockingly did not stop the 73-year old from getting the virus.

He reportedly has "mild symptoms," although no other Astros have been affected.

Baker was famous for wearing masks and rubber gloves for the past several years, including after he'd been vaccinated, in an attempt to avoid COVID:

The Astros have had a great run in recent weeks, going 19-11 in their past 30 games, and the addition of Trey Mancini from the Baltimore Orioles has paid immediate dividends:

It's unclear how long Baker will be missing from the dugout, although MLB rules had previously required 10 day absences or symptom improvement and negative tests.

If society is ever going to move past its obsession with COVID, sports leagues will have to start treating the virus like any other illness. If you're sick, stay home, but stop obsessively testing to look for every possible case.

The vaccines are completely ineffective at preventing infection, so team personnel will never be able to avoid eventually testing positive.

Hopefully Baker recovers quickly and returns to the team soon while realizing that wearing gloves and masks is utterly useless.

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