High School Golf Team Crosses Paths With X-Rated Players On Course

A high school golf team was forced to cancel practice after attending their regular course and interrupting an X-rated golf tournament.

On Oct. 3, Vista Ridge High School's golf team arrived at Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, TX, and came across a team of scantily dressed golfers already playing several holes. The kids were stunned by what they encountered.

Members of Yellow Rose Cabaret, an adult entertainment club, appeared at the course for an adult golf tournament, with some of them half-naked in broad daylight.

Vista Ridge coach and athletic director Keith Allen said that he alerted the golf club of the X-rated participants after his high schoolers accidentally witnessed "lewd behavior" from the group.

The school district relayed the news in a mass email notification to students' parents.

"Unfortunately, our golfers did witness some lewd behavior. The coach immediately canceled practice and had all players contact their parents to come pick them up," the district wrote, via FOX 7 Austin.

"What occurred yesterday is not acceptable and we will work closely with Avery Ranch to ensure this never happens again."

A statement released by the course noted that they were unaware that half-naked players would appear on the court. Vista Ridge AD Allen followed up with a note of confidence in the course after the salacious encounter.

"Vista Ridge HS has enjoyed a 20-year positive working relationship with Avery Ranch. They are very apologetic and have assured us they value our students and will do better to protect our golfers in the future."

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