Gus Malzahn Reacts To Auburn Hiring Hugh Freeze With Fun Offer

Gus Malzahn has some old clothes Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze is free to have.

After weeks of speculation, the Tigers tapped Freeze as the new head coach of the Tigers, and he'll now be tasked with running the program Malzahn was once responsible for.

What did Malzahn think of the hiring? He tweeted that he was "happy" for Freeze, but more importantly, he noted he has "a couple old sweater vests laying around if you ever need them."

If there was one thing Gus Malzahn liked when he was at Auburn, it was winning football games. If there were two things Gus Malzahn liked at Auburn, it was winning football games and wearing sweater vests.

Rocking a vest was one of his signature looks while leading the Tigers. To be totally fair, he also rocked a lot of quarter zips that I think he's just throwing under the umbrella of sweater vests.

Either way, he had a style, and he stuck to it.

Now, the torch at Auburn has gone from Malzahn to Bryan Harsin to Hugh Freeze. Will Freeze take up the current UFC coach on his offer?

Doubtful. He's always been a bit of a loose hoodie kind of guy. It takes a special vibe to rock a sweater vest, and I'm not sure Freeze has it.

However, Freeze might want to pick up the phone and get an understanding of how things work at Auburn from Malzahn. The latter was a very successful coach and still got fired. If Freeze can't get things rolling very quickly, he'll soon learn just how little patience there is at a program like Auburn.