'Gotta Go': Kirby Smart Shares Heartwarming Story About Stetson Bennett And His Son

One of Kirby Smart's children didn't want to see Stetson Bennett's time at Georgia come to an end.

The Georgia Bulldogs pulled off an incredibly impressive 65-7 national title win over TCU, and it was the final time fans will ever see Bennett in a Bulldogs jersey.

That wasn't easy for one of Smart's kid's to stomach.

"I walked in and my 10-year-old son Andrew is balling, and I'm like, 'Oh no. Somebody's hurt his feelings. Somebody's done something to him.' I said, 'Why are you crying? You're going to ruin my moment.' He said, 'Stetson's leaving. Stetson's gone' I said, 'He's 25-years-old. He's gotta leave,'" Smart explained to the media after the blowout win.

The Stetson Bennett era is over.

Believe it or not, the Stetson Bennett journey at Georgia is finally over. It feels like he's been there for a lifetime, and now, he's finally riding off into the sunset.

He has a pair of SEC titles, two national titles and will go down as the most beloved QB in the history of the program.

As you can tell from Kirby Smart's son's reaction, a lot of people are going to be sad that that the 25-year-old college QB is done lacing up his cleats for the Bulldogs.

Smart's story also goes to show what kind of impact athletes have on young children. It's about a lot more than the scoreboard. The fact Smart's son was crying over a player finally leaving the program tells you everything you need to know.

Props to Stetson Bennett for putting together an absolutely insane run at Georgia. The man is a college football legend. I would say young man, but as Smart pointed out, he's 25. It's definitely time for the next chapter.

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