Gordon Hayward's Wife Is Pissed At The Charlotte Hornets, Disputes Husband's Injury Designation

Gordon Hayward's wife is ready to swat the Hornets with a tennis racket over their handling of her husband's injury.

The team initially ruled Hayward out prior to Friday's Hornets-Timberwolves game with a left shoulder "contusion."

However, Robyn Hayward disputed that claim on her Instagram, saying that the injury is a lot worse than what the team is publicly saying.

He "actually has a fractured scapula," Robyn said, before adding, "I'm tired of them not protecting players."

Shortly thereafter, Shams Charania of The Athletic confirmed that Hayward actually has a left shoulder fracture - much more serious than what the team had initially reported.


It's unclear why the team would be so hesitant to disclose the extent of Hayward's shoulder injury.

Oh, it could be because they signed the injury-prone forward to a horrific four-year, $120 million deal in 2020. A ton of money for a player that missed 142 games the previous three seasons with the Celtics, and averaged only 13.9 points, 5.4 rebounds and 3.6 assists.

This season he has only played in 11 games, including missing two weeks earlier this month with a shoulder injury that the team also described as... you guessed it, "a contusion."


It's never a good look when a professional sports team is getting called out by the WIFE of one of their players... and she actually turns out to be right. It's a bad impression to both their fans as well as other players that could begin questioning what they're being told as well.

Robyn alluded to this in her Instagram post. She wrote, "I'm over them not protecting players. Just was talking with a young players mom and she was saying the same thing..."

Whether that's true or not, it definitely isn't ideal for a Hornets team that has also seen significant injuries to LaMelo Ball, Miles Bridges, Cody Martin, Dennis Smith Jr. and now Hayward.


I'd love to have seen the team's medical staff's reaction when they saw that Robyn had just called them out. They were probably like, "oh crap." And the fact that The Athletic then confirmed what she said? She's going to be relentless now.

Either way, it looks like the Hornets are going to be stuck with Hayward. He's guaranteed $31.5 million next season so a trade was already a longshot but now with multiple shoulder injuries to add to his long list of ailments? It could be a long season for the team, who are already just 6-14.

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