Golf Writer Alan Shipnuck Shares Ludicrous Tweet, Seems Happy Kevin Na Got Sick At LIV Event

Golf writer and author Alan Shipnuck owes much of his career to the PGA Tour. Therefore, it makes sense for him to carry water for the Tour while bashing LIV Golf at any opportunity that he can. Shipnuck, like many others, has bashed the Saudi-backed circuit and labeled it a sports-washing organization, but now seems to be taking aim at LIV golfers who get sick and are forced to withdraw.

Kevin Na fought off flu-like symptoms during last week's LIV Golf event in Bangkok en route to a 26th-place finish. He wasn't able to shake the illness at this week's event in Jeddah and was forced to withdraw during the second round.


Battling flu-like symptoms in the extremely hot temperatures in Saudi Arabia is a tall task, but Shipnuck certainly doesn't feel bad for the guy. He fired off a ridiculous tweet reveling in Na's circumstances while explaining he could have avoided the situation if he never made the jump to LIV Golf in the first place.

Based on Shipnuck's logic here, golfers can only pick up illnesses in Bangkok and Jeddah, but not in Las Vegas. Bangkok is one of the most-visited cities on the planet, and people, even golfers, can get hit with a flu bug while visiting. I'm no doctor, but I believe people can get sick in Las Vegas as well.

Shipnuck also conveniently left out the fact that the PGA Tour was in Japan this week for the ZOZO Championship, which isn't exactly in Vegas' backyard.

Say what you will about LIV Golf and its financial backing, but the number of grown adults upset at other grown adults for making a financial decision to join the circuit continues to be extremely weird.

Alan Shipnuck Gets Called Out For Ridiculous Tweet About Kevin Na

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