Giants Legend Carl Banks: Thaddeus Moss Block Is A 'Dirtbag Play'

Former NFL linebacker Carl Banks had some thoughts on the block that Cincinnati Bengal Thaddeus Moss put on New York Giants defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux that caused an injury.

The general consensus is that Moss threw a dirty block, but Banks has a different take.

On his "Bleav In Giants" podcast, the former Giants, Redskins, and Colts linebacker said he doen't see the block as a dirty play, but more of a "dirtbag" play.

There's a difference.

“It was not a dirty play, per se — it’s a dirtbag play,” Banks said.

“A lot of my contemporaries, guys like Marcus Spears and Emmanuel Acho, they were going on and on about it. The reality is this and I think Dan Orlovsky had it best — it’s a legal play," Banks explained.

"You may not like it as a defensive player, and people are starting to factor in ‘defensive backs can’t do x, y and z.’ That’s a different situation. It’s more of a don’t-hate-the-player-hate-the-game type of deal.”

The block happened in the Giants' 25-22 preseason win over the Bengals.

According to The New York Post, Thibodeaux has an MCL sprain. He is expected to be sidelined up to a month. He will not require surgery.

Banks said he is pleased Thibodeaux's injury isn't more serious. Still, he said the rookie out of Oregon could have avoided the situation.

He chalked it up to the steep learning curve players face when making the jump from college to the NFL.

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