German Tennis Player Is Disqualified After Beating Umpire’s Chair

Game. Set. Mad.

A video of Germany's Alexander Zverev went on a rally through social media Wednesday night after he was withdrawn from the Mexican Open.

The just cause for the third-ranked (ATP) player's early exit? Going after the umpire's chair and nearly beating the hell out of the ump's ankles.

Unlike in his lost doubles match, Zverev knew what he was doing when he went after the shivering umpire.

Zverev began to jaw off at the umpire as he descended from the chair and gave a look that had "leaving work after a grueling Monday" all over it.

"You f***ing destroyed the whole f***ing match. The whole f***ing match, you destroyed," Zverev shouted at the umpire.

As the upper half of the racket dangled, so did Zverev's head as he bid farewell to the Open under less-than-favorable circumstances.

The ATP released a statement on Zverev's scene from Wednesday:

"Due to unsportsmanlike conduct at the conclusion of his doubles match on Tuesday night, Alexander Zverev has been withdrawn from the tournament in Acapulco."


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