Gary Cohen Would Rather Be Anywhere Than Covering The Mets On A Rain Delay

Pour one out for New York play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen, who'd rather be doing anything than covering his Mets on Tuesday night.

After a win-less 0-4 start, Cohen figures he's in for a long season. Or at least a long night.

Cohen and Keith Hernandez previewed Tuesday's game against the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field (on a rain delay).

Assuming that the cameras were no longer rolling, Cohen dropped what seemed like the weight of the world with a depressing sigh, waiting for nine innings of Mets baseball to start.

While we haven't all reached the depressive lows that Cohen showed on Tuesday, sports fans can certainly relate to banking your entire mental health on a losing team. 

Cohen likely dreaded the thought of having to wait out the elements and stay up all night watching baseball, which is such a tough job …

"Gary Cohen is every Mets fan lol," one X commenter reacted.

Rain or shine, ol' Gary's always ready to cover his Mets. Cohen's been there for the highs, lows, and miracle comebacks, like the ‘73 season, which ended terribly in the regular season but saw the Mets reach the Fall Classic. Back then, Cohen watched as a young man. Now, he's calling about 150 games a season for New York.

"On the air, I have to be ready to address whatever comes up, and you never know what that will be," Cohen said via Columbia Magazine. 

"It could be about a player in today’s game or something that happened yesterday or last week or two years ago or fifty years ago. I spend most waking hours during baseball season just trying to be ready."

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