Former Tennessee QB Rips Stetson Bennett, Calls Him A 'Punk'

Former Tennessee QB Erik Ainge isn't a fan of Stetson Bennett.

Georgia will play TCU next week for the national title, and the Bulldogs are heavy favorites to roll the Horned Frogs.

No matter what happens, most people respect Stetson Bennett's career arc. He went from being an afterthought to being a star. Well, Erik Ainge definitely isn't among the Georgia QB's biggest fans. In fact, he thinks Bennett is a punk.

"You know who I can’t stand though? Stetson Bennett. It was cute when he first got to play and played pretty good. And now the whole like I’m a walk-on, I’m a JUCO transfer, he’s like 28-3 as a starter at Georgia, or something like that. I’m cheering hard against him. I want Georgia not to just lose the game I don’t want them to lose with Stetson Bennett throwing 4 touchdowns. I want Stetson Bennett to throw 4 picks and cost his team a championship. He’s such a punk," Ainge explained on "The Erik Ainge Show," according to Sports Illustrated.

Were the comments about Stetson Bennett a bit much?

I'm not sure what Kirby Smart's team and Bennett did to upset Erik Ainge. Maybe, it's just because Tennessee and Georgia are bitter SEC East rivals.

It's hard to say, but seeing as how Erik Ainge stopped playing SEC football in 2008, it's hard to imagine the two have crossed paths much if at all.

Is Stetson Bennett a punk? He definitely has a bit of a chippy attitude, but that hardly makes you a punk. In fact, isn't that the same kind of attitude and mentality coaches love to praise?

Perhaps, Ainge is fired up because during Georgia's dominating win over Tennessee, Bennett hit fans with a phone signal after his number was leaked.

He scored and then pretended like he was taking a call. It was cold-blood. Of course, there's a natural way to stop that. Just don't let him score. Maybe Ainge should rip his former team's defense instead of Bennett.

More than anything, it just sounds like Erik Ainge has a bone to pick for no real reason. Unfortunately for him, it's unlikely TCU upsets Georgia this upcoming Monday night. He better start mentally preparing for Stetson Bennett to win his second straight championship.