Former Teammate Calls Frank Thomas 'Douchebag' In New Book

Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas received a less-than-flattering review in a new book about his former White Sox teammate Bo Jackson. Author Jeff Pearlman's new book, The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson, is an unauthorized biography of the legendary two-sport athlete.

The Athletics' Jon Greenburg tweeted a photo of one page that discusses what the White Sox clubhouse was like when Jackson joined the team in 1993.

Thomas was 25 years old at the time and already regarded as the team's biggest star. However, one of his former teammates gave Pearlman a quote that no one wants to hear said about them.

"Frank was a douchebag," the unidentified player is quoted as saying. "I judge people by how they treat those they don’t need to be nice to. Frank treated the clubhouse guys like garbage.”

White Sox centerfielder Lance Johnson is quoted on the same page giving an example of Thomas being difficult when coaches wanted to move him down in the batting order.

“He refused. Just said, straight up, he wouldn’t hit fourth or fifth,” Johnson said. “I heard that and thought, ‘There goes our shot at the World Series.’ Because everyone would just pitch around him. Which they did.”

However, that page appears to wrap up with first baseman Doug Mansolino commenting on how Bo Jackson was a good presence for Thomas, which means from that point on, the book could feature a Big Hurt redemption arc.

Speaking of the book, it's also surrounded by a bit of controversy. On October 13, Jackson tweeted about unauthorized biographies.

He doesn't mention Pearlman's book by name, but it's interesting timing to rail against unauthorized biographies.

He later doubled-down, this time saying that he wouldn't be signing any copies of unauthorized biographies.

So if you happen to run into Bo Jackson while carrying around your copy of an unauthorized Bo Jackson biography, don't even bother asking him to sign it.

The answer is a hard no.

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