Forget Regular Golf, Nebraska Fire Department Set To Host AR-15 Golf Tournament

Typical golf tournament fundraisers are a thing of the past for one Nebraska fire department. Pierce Fire and Rescue in the city of Norfolk is set to host an AR-15 golf tournament to raise funds for firefighting equipment.

According to Northeast Nebraska News Channel, firefighter Rich Lutz is the one responsible for coming up with the incredibly unique idea.

We're not talking about people firing bullets from an AR-15 shooting at golf balls, either. Participants actually put a golf ball in the gun and fire away toward the green.

Despite the fact that a firearm is being used in this scenario, Lutz said that playing golf with an AR-15 is no more dangerous than playing a traditional round of golf.

“As you can imagine, the reactions were very mixed,” Lutz explained. “Some of them looked at me like I was not quite with it. The others were very well receptive to it. We did prove to all of our officers that this was a safe thing to do.”

My biggest question here is how exactly do you putt with an AR-15?

Lutz didn't explain how, or if, participants will have to fire the golf ball into the actual hole, but that sounds incredibly difficult given the pace the golf ball is leaving the gun with. Surely they're allowing players to use an actual putter once they get the ball onto the green.

If anyone is looking to participate in what is surely the first-ever AR-15 golf tournament, the tournament will host 54 teams of two with an entry fee of $450 per team.

And no, you don't have to bring your own AR-15, they'll be provided for all players.

America, baby.

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