For USA Soccer, It's Simple - Win And Advance

If you missed it, you have been in a hole. USA Soccer plays Iran at 2p with a chance to advance to the Knockout phase of the FIFA World Cup.

We'll explain how the World Cup changes starting this morning in a second, but we focus on what it will take for USA Soccer to play in the round of 16. SIMPLE, WIN.

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Top two teams in each of the 8 groups advance. Starting today, each group plays simultaneous games starting with Groups A&B. The 2 teams with the most points advance, the other two go home.

There are 8 groups, so 4 days to get to the final 16 teams.

Of course, there will be ties, and the tiebreaker scenarios go deep. The first tiebreaker is Goal Differential. How many goals did you score in the first 3 games minus how many goals did you give up.

Goal differential is why it will be difficult for us to finish first. England is + 650 to win over Wales today. Even if Wales ties England, we will have to beat England by 5 goals.

Soccer is funny, and any result is possible. England and Wales fans in Tenerife broke down how the game could go last night.

USA Soccer is + 310 to win the game today. We are far more talented than Iran and should dominate possession. The question will be can they put the biscuit in the basket. We will see. Fox coverage will start at 1p, and the game starts at 2p.


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