Ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs Appears To Be Back Working Out In Ankle Monitors Less Than A Year After Fatal Car Crash

Henry Ruggs III appears to be back on the football field working out. In a video posted to TikTok, the ex-Raiders wide receiver is seemingly filmed going through speed drills earlier this week.

"Henry Ruggs Is Back On The Field Working Out," reads the caption.

There are some questions about the recency of the video, but it was posted by Jalen Davidson of Cold Turkey Productions. He runs a video production company that has worked with brands like Nike, Adidas, Walmart and BET, among others. It also looks like Ruggs is wearing ankle monitors.

That Would Indicate That Henry Ruggs III Was Filmed Working Out After Nov. 22, 2021

On that day, a judge ordered that he wear a GPS monitor on one ankle and a continuous alcohol monitor on the other while on house arrest. The ruling came after Ruggs' involvement in a fatal car crash in Las Vegas.

Ruggs, 22 at the time, was charged with DUI Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm and and Reckless Driving Resulting in Death— both felonies. According to police reports, Ruggs was traveling at speeds of 156 mph about two seconds before striking another vehicle. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.16, which is twice the legal limit. A loaded gun was also found in the car.

The crash resulted in the death of Tina Tintor and her dog after the 23-year-old was struck by Ruggs. Both cars rolled and her vehicle burst into flames as she was trapped inside.

Ruggs was released from jail on $150,000 bail and continues to face the initial charges, as well as additional charges in connection with the fatal crash. As the judicial process continues, Ruggs was placed on house arrest.

On March 16, however, Ruggs was granted permission to leave his home twice per week for three hours at a time to work out at approved locations. It looks as though Ruggs was filmed training at Greater Atlanta Christian High School just outside of Atlanta.

As of right now, Ruggs is unemployed.

He was released by the Raiders immediately after being charged in November. His future in the NFL remains unclear as his trial continues, but it is unlikely that he will take another snap in the league. That does not appear to be stopping Ruggs from staying in shape and holding out hope to one day return.