'Embarrassing': Michigan Fans Boo QB Cade McNamara After Everything He Did For Program

There are two sets of Michigan fans this morning -- those disgusting pigs who booed quarterback Cade McNamara when he entered Saturday night's blowout win over Hawaii and those Michigan fans who know it was absolutely scumbag behavior out of disgusting fans.

According to numerous Michigan fans who were sitting inside The Big House, McNamara, a senior who was voted a captain by his teammates, was the subject of booing that wasn't an isolated incident from a couple of Walmart Wolverines.

"If I hear any more booing of Cade in this stadium I’m going to start throwing hands," a Michigan law grad with pronouns in her Twitter bio, wrote Saturday night as McNamara was on his way to a 4-of-6 for 26 yards passing and an interception night in mop-up duty as the Wolverines, 52-point favorites, won 56-10.

"If anyone doubts this was occurring, plz spend 30 seconds in my replies. I get it. I saw how much better JJ was, but my God, it costs nothing to be kind to the kid," the Michigan grad added.

Michigan fans got a good look at their new Ferarri 5-star quarterback J.J. McCarthy and his big arm that's now supposed to defeat Ohio State and compete with the likes of Georgia and Alabama while McNamara and his Honda Civic LX arm are officially old news in Ann Arbor where they soon forget that it was the senior captain who engineered a season that will be remembered 50 years from now when the school looks back at the good times.

Simply put, booing the guy is some of the lowest form of scumbag behavior a fanbase can resort to and head coach Jim Harbaugh should address it Monday morning. He should end it right now.

Michigan fans were even warned by their own not to do it and that didn't stop the boos.

Absolutely disgusting.

Of course, the narrative being pushed this morning by Michigan Cool Twitter is that it was just the students. And once again, Michigan fans pushed back at this narrative.

“Cade — I often think about that, like he’s a young Jimmy Harbaugh,” Harbaugh told Fox Sports in August. “I can just see it. He’s a great competitor.

“He’s a great practice player, he’s a great game player. My favorite stat in any quarterback is how many drives did they lead and what’s the percentage that those end up in a touchdown or points on the board. Cade’s is off the charts — it’s over 50 percent.”

McNamara deserves way better than what he received late Saturday night in Ann Arbor.

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