Elon Musk Says 'Pendulum Has Swung A Bit Too Far' In Response To Clay Travis' Ivan Provorov Tweet

Elon Musk is solidly in the group of people who believe the reaction to Ivan Provorov is insane.

The Philadelphia Flyers defenseman has been in the news ever since he refused to wear a gay pride jersey during warmups Tuesday.

The Russian-born player cited his religious values for why he wouldn't do it. Instead of accepting that and moving on, people lost their damn minds. None more so than E.J. Hradek, who suggested Provorov can go back to Russia and fight in Ukraine if he doesn't want to wear a gay pride jersey. Yes, a man with a functioning brain suggested Provorov should go to a horrific war zone if he doesn't want to wear a gay pride jersey.

In response to a quote tweet from OutKick founder calling out Hradek and the "tolerant left," the Tesla genius weighed in with a reaction that a lot of people share.

"The pendulum has swung a bit too far," Musk tweeted in response to the quote tweet of Travis calling out the gay movement from going from wanting equal rights to "go f***ing die in a trench war if you don’t wear a pride shirt!"

Elon Musk and Clay Travis are correct on Provorov.

Musk and Travis are both correct when it comes to their assessments of the situation. Believe it or not, most people don't actually care that Ivan Provorov didn't wear a gay pride jersey.

As Clay pointed out on a recent episode of his show, the average hockey fan loves beer, lives in the midwest and spends zero time thinking about this issue.

It's the media that has lost its damn mind. The media wants to make Provorov a villain. The media feels the need to ruin Provorov's life. What happened to respecting religious choices?

To Provorov's credit, he has refused to back down to the mob. A lot of people would have caved. Ivan Provorov has not.

He didn't wear the gay pride jersey, just focused on playing hockey and he doesn't care if you don't like it.

Also, why is OutKick seemingly the only media outlet in the country willing to tell the truth about this? It seems like the rest of the media is all in on destroying Provorov. They couldn't care less what they say as long as it ruins his life.

Again, Hradek suggested he should possibly die in a war zone! How are people not all coming together to reject this woke nonsense?

Fortunately, OutKick will always be here to speak the truth, and now we know Elon Musk is on our side. It turns out that when you tell the truth, you make some great allies.

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