'Ego Will Not Be Tolerated' Says New Cardinals GM In Statement That Surely Won't Come Back To Bite Him

Massive egos inside the Arizona Cardinals organization? Wonder who ...

Stepping into the role of Cardinals general manager is former Tennessee Titans Director of Player Personnel Monti Ossenfort, who set a firm precedent for his new team during his introduction on Tuesday.

Ossenfort stated that the Cardinals' culture, post-Kliff Kinsbury and Steve Keim, will come down to winning and not focused on individual players, which may or may not have been a nod to $230.5 million quarterback Kyler Murray whose reported selfish attitude has often taken a front seat among Arizona's greatest woes.

New Era For the Cardinals

There's no doubt Ossenfort's assertion that "egos will not be tolerated" had layers to it.

"There’s one goal here — it’s to win," Ossenfort said.

"There’s no putting personal interests in front of the team," the GM added. "I was told once the definition of mental toughness is putting the team in front of something that maybe would’ve been better personally for me. That, to me, is the type of players that we’re looking for."

Considering Kyler's troubles with meshing with coaches, in-game tantrums and contesting details in his latest contract extension that demanded he do "homework" ahead of games, Murray's reported ego has been a wedge in Arizona's plans for success ... until now.


The four-time Super Bowl-winning NFL scout has been coveted in the GM space these last two years, having previously met with the New York Giants for their GM role before hiring Joe Schoen in 2022.

As a new regime sets out to establish a winning culture in Arizona after Kingsbury's 28-37-1 run since 2019, all options will be on the table to not just instill confidence but remove any distractions getting in the way of Ossenfort and the forthcoming head coach's respective visions for this team.

If the team and ownership decide to side with their pricey quarterback, Ossenfort's comments could backfire.