Early College Football Playoff Games Might Move To Weeknights

It sounds like the College Football Playoff might move early games to weeknights when the field expands to 12 teams.

The CFP will expand to 12 teams no later than 2026, and it's a move fans have waited years to see. While all the details aren't ironed out, the CFP is clearly moving in the right direction.

Now, it sounds like first round games might be played on weeknights.

"I would be very surprised if all four games in the first round would be on a Saturday. You’d like to have each game in its own window," CFP executive director Bill Hancock explained.

Currently, the semi-finals are played Saturday and the title game is on Monday night. Once the field moves to 12 teams in a few years, it sounds like at least a few games will be played on weeknights.

Friday night is the obvious weeknight game if you need to play CFP games on weeknights.

College Football Playoff games on Friday nights isn't a bad idea.

The CFP and the networks broadcasting it want as many eyeballs as possible watching. Putting two first round games on Friday and two first round games on Saturday is perfect.

The first window can start at 3:30 EST and the second can start at 7:30 EST. That way every game gets as much attention as possible.

If you try to squeeze all four first round games into Saturday, people will be forced to choose. That's not what anyone wants.

The good news is we still have some time to figure out all the details, but at least we're progressing. The four-team format is a relic and needs to be left in the past.

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