Dolphins Coach Hilariously Explains Telling Justin Fields To 'Stop It'

Mike McDaniel thinks Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields should listen to his coaching suggestions.

During the 35-32 win for the Dolphins, McDaniel was caught on video yelling "stop it" at the Bears dual-threat QB. Fields finished the day with a QB record of 178 rushing yards.

Now, the Dolphins coach has explained the humorous exchange.

"I just wanted him to stop scrambling, and it was pretty irritating because he didn't listen at all. He didn't take the coaching," McDaniel sarcastically explained to the press Monday.

Mike McDaniel is truly one of the best people in all of sports. First, he yells at an opposing QB for carving up his defense like it doesn't exist.

Most coaches don't say a word to opposing players. Yet, McDaniel made it clear that he didn't appreciate the former Ohio State star running all over Miami's defense like it was a track and field event.

Then, he followed up that epic viral moment by telling the press Justin Fields was "irritating" him because he ignored all his coaching.

Imagine Bill Belichick stepping to the mic and making these remarks. It's literally not possible to even consider it happening.

Yet, it rolled right off the tongue for Mike McDaniel. The man is truly a content machine.

With the Dolphins sitting at 6-3 and McDaniel cracking jokes like he's on top of the world, Miami fans have to feel real good about the team. What an incredible series of events.