Dodgers Broadcaster David Vassegh Injured On Brewers Slide

Dodgers broadcaster David Vassegh took a trip down the iconic slide at American Family Field - home to the Milwaukee Brewers - and it didn't go well.

Milwaukee's mascot, Bernie, has made a habit of shooting down the slide every time the home team homers. Wanting to join the fun, Vassegh attempted to do the same.

And that's when things got interesting.

Watch Vassegh's rough ride in the video below.

Vassegh's ride ended with more pain than anticipated: hand, wrist and rib fractures.


David Vassegh, a true warrior.

A lot of us would've nixed the slide ride the second we saw how steep it was, but not Vassegh. He's the kind of guy you want on your broadcast team. Had he successfully navigated that slide we wouldn't be talking about it. He put his body on the line and took one for the team.

The Vassegh Incident Highlights Mascot Bravery

This incident also illustrates exactly why we should appreciate mascots more. The Brewers have hit 76 home runs at American Family Field this season. That means Bernie and his bulbous head have hurdled down the slide just as many times.

David Vassegh did it once and left with broken bones, shattered pride, and a clip that will probably appear in blooper reels for years to come.

There's no doubt in my mind that Vassegh left Milwaukee a changed man with greater respect for mascots and the brave men and women who portray them.

Mascots like Bernie don't think twice about throwing on a giant foam head and jumping down the slide to celebrate a Rowdy Tellez long ball.

Next time you see them do something like this, how about raising your beer in appreciation?

David Vassegh surely will.

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