Dick Vitale: 'Ugly Politics' Reason LSU Is Considering Adding Name Of Women's Coach To Dale Brown Court

LSU's Dale Brown Court may soon include the name of former Tigers women's basketball coach Sue Gunter. And according to Dickie V, that's the opposite of awesome, baby!

Just over a year ago, LSU named their court after Brown, who is the most decorated men's hoops coach in school history. Brown led the Tigers to a pair of Final Four appearances and won 448 games.

Now, according to Louisiana's WAFB News, LSU's Board of Supervisors will vote next week to potentially add Gunter's name to the court.

Because if a man gets an honor, a woman must get that exact same honor, right? That's how it works these days. Never mind naming a practice facility after Gunter or building a statue in her honor. No, Gunter's name should be bestowed onto to the court alongside Brown's. Otherwise, the pronouns walking in and out of the unisex bathrooms will riot.

Dick Vitale recognizes the absurdity of the situation and said as much Friday.

"This is wacky Dale deserved the honor & it finally was affirmed & now UGLY POLITICS is involved," tweeted Vitale.

Dale Brown Was A 4-Time SEC Coach Of The Year

To be clear, Dickie V isn't bashing Gunter, a success in her own right. His issue is with LSU's Board of Supervisors and, at least according to his friend and fellow broadcaster, Tim Brando, Louisiana's Governor.

It's pretty simple - you don't bestow a significant honor upon someone, then drop and 'oh, by the way' barely a year later.

Not to mention, how ridiculous would it sound for broadcasters to open each game by welcoming fans to LSU's Dale Brown and Sue Gunter court inside of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center? That's a mouth full, baby!

If there's any saving grace here for Vitale, it's that he should at least have some familiarity for how this situation will pan out, so he need not stress. After all, he's employed by ESPN, the worldwide leader in UGLY POLITICS.

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