'Deuces': Stetson Bennett Reveals He Never Expected To Return To Georgia

Stetson Bennett never expected to return to the Bulldogs when he left to play JUCO.

The Georgia QB is on the verge of winning back-to-back national titles with a matchup Monday night against TCU.

However, prior to becoming a Bulldogs, Bennett left after a cup of coffee with the program as a walk-on and transferred to Jones County Junior College for a year. Eventually, he returned to Athens, and the rest is history. However, when he left after the 2017 season, he never expected to return.

"When I left, I thought it was deuces out forever from UGA. I didn't think I was coming back. I kind of knew when I pulled the trigger that, 'Hey, I'm not here at Georgia just to hang out and be on the team and have some footballs in 30 years. I want to play ball.' I went over there and figured out, 'Hey, I think I'm right.' Then I came back and went and attacked it again," Bennett said over the weekend ahead of the national title game, according to 247Sports.

Stetson Bennett can write his own ending Monday night.

Bennett truly has an incredible opportunity tonight against the Horned Frogs. The whole world wrote him off coming out of high school.

He was a walk-on at first with the Georgia Bulldogs. The polite way to put it was that he was just an afterthought. At best, he was a warm body to shuffle around.

However, he didn't just quit and give up on football. He took a year at a JUCO program and returned ready to compete.

In 2021, he led Georgia to the program's first national title in decades. Now, he can go back-to-back and make the Bulldogs just the ninth program to ever do so.

Just 60 minutes of football separate Stetson Bennett from a place in the history books that nobody could have ever seen coming.

Make sure to catch the game tonight and all our coverage at OutKick. It's going to be a great four quarters of action.