Deshaun Watson Got A Giant Tattoo With His Girlfriend's Face And We All Know That Always Ends Well

Deshaun Watson and good decision-making don't tend to go hand-in-hand, but his decision to get a giant back tattoo with his girlfriend Jilly Anais' face in it seems like a bad move even by his lofty standards.

The Cleveland Browns signal-caller recently unveiled a new bit of body art on social media.

TMZ reported that it took nine hours to complete and Watson gave the artist a jersey to sweeten the deal.

I'll be honest, I have no idea whether that is considered a "good" tattoo. I assume a guy who signed a $230 million deal but hardly plays would go to the best tattoo artist available. I just have a hard time deciphering what's going on.

I just see a whole bunch of symbols and sayings and names and faces, with Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing an "I Have A Dream Hat," just to clear up any confusion as to who that was supposed to be (by the way, I'm sure the King family is thrilled about that tattoo). 

But if it makes sense to Deshaun, I suppose that's all that matters.

However, getting your girlfriend's face tattooed on you never makes sense. I know some would probably see it as a way of showing one's love, but the tattoo jinx is a real one and that's one way to make sure your relationship goes south faster than a retiree sick of shoveling snow.

Think about it this way: there are countless stories of people getting premature championship tattoos for their favorite team. How many of those actually worked out? 

Not many. That's the awesome karmic power of tattoos.

So why run the risk of tanking the relationship that way? If things are so good you want to get your girl's face tattooed on you, that should be your signal to not do exactly that!

Plus, getting people's faces tattooed on you is just weird in general. It never looks quite right. That could also be an issue when the subject of the tattoos sees the finished product and asks, "Oh my God! Is that what I really look like?!"

Have fun cleaning up after that mess…

If you have to get a tattoo to commemorate your love, go with their name. That's easy to cover up, should you two hit the skids.

In summation, steer clear of these kinds of tattoos. Don't do what Deshaun Watson did.

Which is probably good life advice in general…

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