Deion Sanders Shares Pro-Police Message

Deion Sanders isn't afraid to support the police.

It's currently very popular in America to trash police officers. There are plenty of social media users and people in general who love to criticize police for no reason at all, there are movements to defund police departments and it's probably never been harder than it is right now to be a cop.

Don't believe me? Go ask some of your local police officers if they feel like leadership and politicians have their back? Many will say no, and I know that because I've spoken to many officers about the topic.

However, the Colorado football coach isn't among those interested in trashing police.

Deion Sanders shares pro-police message.

The University of Colorado police department tweeted that cowboy hats are now allowed as part of the uniform, and it's a clear nod to the school's head coach wearing one.

"The entire staff has supported our team & challenged them to do right at all times. I’m forever grateful," Sanders tweeted, in part, Monday when offering to get the entire CU Boulder police department cowboy hats.

You can check out the tweet below, and hit me with your thoughts at

It's great to see a person with a platform praise the police, especially one who is leading young men. Again, it's very easy and popular to trash cops, but they have a tough job.

Police officers are required to deal with the worst of society on a daily basis. They put themselves in danger to protect innocent people.

Unfortunately, it seems like many people aren't grateful or appreciative of their efforts. Clearly, Deion Sanders supports his local officers, and it's awesome to see.

Props to Sanders for using his platform to spread a positive message. Let me know at what you think.

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