Deion Sanders Not Giving Away Secrets From Nick Saban

Deion Making Waves

Deion Discusses Nick Saban

The Jackson State head coach recently sat down with Complex to discuss a number of topics, including his relationship with Alabama's head coach. In terms of what he does during downtime filming these AFLAC commercials with Nick Saban, it's all about picking the brain of the Alabama coach and learning how to become a better coach. "Well, Coach Saban is actually funny. He’s hilarious, quick-witted, and very concise," Sanders discussed. "I like to use these opportunities to not just shoot the commercials, but I get to glean from Coach Saban. He’s the magna cum laude, he’s the guy, he’s the standard. So, any chance I get on set to talk to him about the game, recruiting, personnel, anything, I take full advantage of it." We see lower-tier teams across the country taking games against Power-5 schools for the paycheck. They know that playing a team like Alabama can provide enough money to fund the season in Jackson. But don't expect Deion Sanders to take a game just for the money, he's scheduling the game to win. "The progress of the program has been phenomenal, and the expectation and the standard has changed. So, when I’m talking about playing somebody like Alabama or a Power 5 school, I’m not talking about playing against them to collect a check. " "I wouldn’t take that game unless I expected to win," Sanders added. "Why would I take that game if I didn’t expect to win, what are you playing for? To me, that’s selling the whole program out for a check and that’s absurd to me." But getting back to his conversations with Nick Saban, Deion Sanders made it clear he wouldn't share trade secrets that the Alabama coach passes along. "A lot of things, but I’m not going to kiss and tell because I might not get any more gems." Credit to the Jackson State coach, he continues to get the national media to talk about a team that would usually be left for a local media outlet. The name Deion Sanders carries a lot of weight and he's proven that during his time in Mississippi. I am curious if Sanders is the head coach at Florida State next season, which would send shockwaves around the college football world.

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